Finer Things

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Espresso is a very fine thing.

Hello readers,

I’m trying out something new: Weekly recommendations. These will mostly be things to read, maybe some things to listen to or watch or eat, perhaps a thing or two I’ve tried and loved, and maybe something physical to try out. None of these are advertisements and I’m not getting paid for any of it; I just know I enjoy personal recommendations from people I read and trust, and so wanted to pass on a few of my favorites. You’ll still get all of your regularly-scheduled newsletters; this is an addition, not a replacement. If it’s not for you, delete and move on. If it is for you, read and enjoy!

Fine Reads

RIP Believer Mag. Here’s one of my favorites from the archives.

From the Atlantic: The new meth, and how it’s creating a wave of severe mental illness and homelessness.

From the New Yorker: How an adoption scammer cashed in on prospective parents’ dreams (and stay tuned for a newsletter that explores this and other adoption stories more deeply).

Fine Tuning

In my offline life, I’m a yoga teacher and yoga practitioner. I really, really miss in-studio classes, but one benefit of Covid is that I’ve gotten to practice with some of my favorite out-of-New-York teachers. And one of them, Kathryn Budig, just launched a new yoga platform. You can check it out here — and get three classes free in your first week.

Fine Goods

It’s fall, make your house smell like a wood cabin.

Fine Foods

I am extremely into this coconut fish and tomato bake recipe from Yewande Komolafe. I am also extremely into this piece she wrote about Nigerian cooking, which is so wonderful I taught it in my last writing workshop. It’s not exactly autumn food, but it reminds me of Swahili cuisine, which was among the great joys of living in Kenya and traveling to the coast. Tomato / coconut / turmeric / ginger / lime = hard to beat, especially if you are a person who — like me — greets fall not with pumpkin-spiced delight, but with the anguished defeat of knowing winter is coming. It’s hot in New York today, so pretend it’s still summer and eat this fish.

Hope you enjoy all of these very fine things. Now back to regularly scheduled politics / women’s rights / news.

xx Jill