Introducing Paid Subscriptions

It's a new era

Hello my lovely subscribers! I wanted to let you all know that I have soft-launched paid subscriptions, and will be moving to fully launch on Wednesday Dec. 4.

What does that mean for you? There will still be plenty of free content if you want to stick with that model, and I am grateful for your support in any capacity. I’ll still be sending out at least one free newsletter every week. But there will be more for those who subscribe — things like behind-the-scenes looks at how the journalism sausage gets made, reflections on politics and culture, and some food / health / yoga stuff, too, two or three (or more) times a week.

I’m moving to subscriptions because, well, I’m a professional writer who works for myself, and I believe it’s valuable to support the work of independent journalists. As much as I love Twitter, I think it’s important to expand beyond 140 characters. As much as I love writing op/eds for a broad audience, I also think it’s important to foster community. That’s what I’m hoping to do with this space: Go deeper than social media allows, and get a little more personal than I do on my professional platforms.

Those of you who already subscribe will continue to get exclusive content during this soft launch period. As of Dec. 4, there will be a more pronounced shift, and most of what I write will be behind the paywall.

But! Don’t fear, free subscribers: You won’t be left in the cold. At least once a week I will send out a free post. And I promise it’ll be more than just a cat photo.

I am so grateful for your support in all of its forms. The subscription button is below if you’re interested. And of course I would be thrilled if you would forward this newsletter to a friend. I’m always interested in feedback, so do let me know if there’s something you want more of / less of / a topic you’re dying to hear more about.

Thank you thank you.

xx Jill