Long Weekend Reads

Americans, enjoy your day off, and remember what it's honoring

Anchovy knows: Holiday weekends are for belly-warming

The Case for Elizabeth Warren. Basically: She has a clear vision, and she has the managerial skills to carry it through.

It Matters that Elizabeth Warren is a Woman. If you only click one link from this newsletter, make it this one. Brittney Cooper is always A+ but this is just beyond. Of course representation alone isn’t enough, and more women in office does not make the feminist movement complete. But that doesn’t mean that representation doesn’t matter at all. I was going to quote from the piece here but then I wanted to quote every paragraph, so please just go read it. And if I have time next week, an entire newsletter will be riffing off the same themes — and specifically, what I see as a troubling rise in anti-feminism on the left.

I swear this is not the Elizabeth Warren Daily, but her candidacy, and the rising tensions between her and Sanders, have made for some of the best feminist writing in a while. So of course also read Rebecca Traister about the perils of talking about sexism without being able to say the word “sexism.”

Not related to Elizabeth Warren: This excellent piece on the midlife crisis of the American restaurant review, and how writing about food has gotten so complicated in a world where food isn’t just food anymore, and our morality extends to what and where and how we eat.

From a different Elizabeth: Elizabeth Wurtzel’s last year, in her own words.

Why are split-jury verdicts still allowed in America?

Mohammed bin Zayed’s Dark Vision of the Middle East’s Future

Don’t sleep on this absolutely terrifying profile of William Barr.

One of the better pieces I’ve read on female writers, ambition, motherhood and men.

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