Top 5s

Things to read, cook, and consider as the weather gets colder

I see you Sunday scaries

Happy Sunday readers. As you head into your week, five things to read, five (easy and easy-ish, delicious and healthy) things to cook, and five little things that I just like.

Read It

How does the human soul survive atrocity?

A Mormon mommy blogger gets divorced and grows up.

The Porch Pirate of Potrero Hill, which is really about gentrification, class and crime.

What happened to the fastest girl in America?

Accounts of the muse–artist relation were anchored in the idea of male cultural production as a special category, one with particular needs—usually sexual—that the muse had been there to fulfill, perhaps even to the point of exploitation, but without whom we would have missed the opportunity to enjoy this or that beloved cultural artifact. The art wants what the art wants. Revisionary biographies of overlooked women—which began to appear with some regularity in the Eighties—were off-putting in a different way (at least to me). Unhinged in tone, by turns furious, defensive, melancholy, and tragic, their very intensity kept the muse in her place, orbiting the great man.”

Eat It

Braised chicken thighs with tomatillos

Rice with almonds and raisins

Thai larb gai

Tomato-poached fish with chili oil and herbs

Butternut squash and green curry soup

Try It

This is the best-smelling candle that will make your house smell like warm sandalwood in the winter

This is the best cheap product that will save your skin in the winter

This is the best expensive product that will save your skin in the winter

This is the best lip balm that will save your mouth in the winter (discovered this in Nairobi and I stock up every time I go back, and the great news is it’s on Etsy now)

This is the best thing to make your dry, calloused, disgusting feet normal again, even in the winter. Yeah, it’s a cheese grater for your heels, but it really does work to get rid of all the gross stuff (if you don’t want to cheese-grate your feet, or even if you do, this stuff is the only foot cream I’ve ever found that actually works as promised). Trust this from someone who is barefoot in a yoga studio every day and whose feet are therefore pretttttty repulsive.

Happy Sunday, I hope your house smells nice, your belly is full, your mind is calm, and your feet are soft.

xx Jill