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The Week in Women
The Week in Women Ep 7

The Week in Women Ep 7

Pro-life pedophiles, an abortion rights hero in Louisiana, and what to think about new National Abortion Federation rules on funding abortions for women to travel for the procedure.

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This week’s stories include:

  • Texas Right to Life’s On-Staff Pedophile. Luke Bowen, the political director of Texas Right to Life, the state’s most influential anti-abortion group and the force behind penning Texas’s abortion bans, was arrested on August 3rd for online solicitation of a minor.

  • Texas Abortion Criminalization Law Goes into Effect. On Thursday, a Texas law went into effect that makes abortion punishable by a $100,000 fine and life in prison. The law offers virtually no exceptions.

  • Nancy Davis is a Hero. Nancy Davis, a stay-at-home mother of three who lives in Louisiana, has become an outspoken opponent of abortion laws that provide no exceptions for fetal anomalies, after she found out that the fetus she is carrying does not have a skull and will either die in utero or soon after birth – and that she cannot get a legal abortion where she lives.

  • Some Women Can Watch Football in Iran. In what I suppose counts as progress in one of the most reactionary misogynist nations in the world, a few hundred women in Iran have been allowed into football stadiums to watch the sport.

  • Amy Coney Barrett’s Misogynist Cult. A new report in the Guardian last week details some of the disturbing writing and remarks of Dorothy Ranaghan, the wife of People of Praise founder Kevin Ranaghan. People of Praise is the fringe, far-right Catholic organization that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is a member of.

  • Jewish Groups Suing Over Abortion. In an interesting and creative use of religious freedom arguments, Jewish groups in several states are suing over anti-abortion laws.

  • Hungary says education is too feminized. Hungary’s state audit office published a report on education in the country, claiming that it has become too feminized – and that educated women are problematically less submissive.

  • Yelp Labels Crisis Pregnancy Centers. In the wake of Roe v Wade being overturned, Yelp has announced that it will more clearly label anti-abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers, to be clear that they may not offer medical care or have licensed medical staff on site.

  • New Rules from the National Abortion Federation. And in today’s deeper dive into a single story, I talk about the new rules from the National Abortion Federation on funding medication abortions for patients coming from states that criminalize abortion. These rules have made a lot of abortion rights supporters angry. I also dislike them, but I think they may be justified. And I’d be curious to hear what you all think of this one.

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Texas Right to Life political director arrested for online solicitation of a minor:

All in Her Head by Jessica Valenti
Anti-Choice Leader Arrested for Solicitation of a Minor
UPDATE: Texas Right to Life says that Bowen’s employment was terminated on August 3. (The same day he was charged) The political director of Texas Right to Life, the state’s largest and oldest anti-abortion organization, has been been arrested for solicitation of a minor…
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