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The Week in Women Episode 4

Abortions bans continue to put women at risk, the devolving status of women in Afghanistan, and an in-depth look at how criminalizing abortion could compromise everything from neurology to cancer care

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A rundown of the week’s most important gender and women’s rights headlines, followed by a deeper dive into the week's biggest story.
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This week, headlines include the ongoing impact of cruel abortion criminalization laws, the devolving status of women in Afghanistan, and how a man who looks like Herman Munster and is under investigation for sex trafficking has the nerve to claim women who have abortions are the ugly ones.

I also speak with two neurologists, Drs. Dawn Gano and Sara LaHue, about a fascinating opinion paper they recently published about abortion bans and neurology: How these bans might impact everything from the care multiple sclerosis patients could have access to, to what kind of medication you might be prescribed for your migraines, to what happens when a woman is pregnant with a much-wanted child but discovers her fetus has a neurological condition incompatible with life, to how certain cancers might be treated – or not treated – if the person with cancer is pregnant. It’s an incredibly important and incredibly interesting conversation about issues I haven’t seen covered in-depth anywhere else, so I hope you will give it a listen.

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