Sitemap - 2020 - Jill Filipovic

Punishment and Proportionality

The longest night

Dianne Feinstein should step down

The vaccine gender gap

Older Dems say they want new voices. But they don't always like what they hear.

Living Thanks

Invisible Women

Do we want more Republican women in Congress?

What's So Hard About Peace, Love, and Understanding?

I was wrong. Were you?

The Party of No Ideas

The Supermom

It's not just Roe

Divorce your glass ceiling

How do you convince someone to believe in reality?

He did something abhorrent as a child. What should the consequences be as an adult?

A moment of hope in politics

Do we really need organized prayer at the Democratic National Convention?

Happy Birthday OK Boomer

The First Look

Kamala Harris and the Ambition Trap

The incomplete lessons of White Fragility

"Cancel Culture" claims are exaggerated. That doesn't mean there's no problem.

Take 'em all down

Victory and vigilance

Watching the Righteous Win

Sometimes, there's nothing to say

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

The Real Housewives of COVID-19

Good Things Vol. 6

It's time to talk (and maybe just talk) about reopening

You're not alone

What will America be when this crisis subsides?

Patriarchy kills

Shut it all down

So you're stuck at home

Why don't young people vote?

Who Should You Vote For on Super Tuesday?

Monday Meditation-ish

Love in a Time of Cynicism

It Feels Good to Watch a Woman Win

What Records Should Bernie Release?

The Primary Isn't Over

I quit Twitter and saved my sanity

A Fuller Reckoning

Kobe Bryant and Complicated Legacies

Long Weekend Reads

What Makes a Millennial?

Who Won the Democratic Debate?

Let's all channel Meghan and Harry this year

Writing Lessons

Pleasure is Political

Happy New Year!