Sitemap - 2021 - Jill Filipovic

Reflections for a New Year

The Straights Are Not Ok

This Christmas, pay attention to the persecution of Christians

The Petty Tyrants of the Anti-Woke Brigade

Covid: Still Bad

Finer Things

A "Culture of Life" Keeps Women Poor

Should Taxpayers Be Forced to Fund Radical Religious Indoctrination?

Vaccine Hesitancy is Rational

What's next for abortion rights in America?

A Consistent Ethic of Life (Until Birth)

The Problem With Right-Wing Men

Finer Things

The Pro-Life Plan to Warehouse Women

A Man's Right to Choose

On Language

Abortion Ban Kills a Young Mother

Who's Afraid of What Happened in Virginia?

The Child Abusers of the Christian Right

Finer Things

Free Female Labor Is The Plan

The Red-Blue Happiness Gap

Finer Things

"Pro-Life" Men Hate You

How do you want to live?

American Authoritarianism Hasn't Ended

Against Religious Vaccine Exemptions


When Justice Requires Breaking Unjust Laws

The Racist Roots of the Anti-Abortion Movement

Caught With Their Pants Down

Abortion Bans Are Violence Against Women

The Texas Abortion Bounty Law is Anti-Choice Terrorism Codified.

Texas Women Just Lost Their Right to Their Own Bodies

Maybe People Need More to Lose

The Importance of Being Honest

Sometimes there are no good answers

The Quiet Radicalism of Joe Biden's Childcare Story

Of course this is how New York gets its first female governor

The Week in Women

The Media's Covid Dilemma

Women Aren't Political Tools

The Week in Women

The Case for Rejecting Natalism in Pro-Family Policies

Vaccinated America Is Over It

The Week in Women

Womanhood doesn't have to be so painful

The Week in Women

The Stories You Never Forget

You've Got Money

Anti-Abortion Authoritarianism

Yes, We Have a Violent Crime Problem

Why Work?

What Do Women Want?

Does mental illness drive bad behavior on Twitter?

The Week in Women

Why Can't Women Raped in Conflict Access Safe Abortions?

Democracy Is Not All Right

The Free Speech Retreat

The Week in Women

Why Don't We Care About Misogyny?

Trauma isn't the only Covid story

The Week in Women

Are We Ready for a Post-Roe America?

The Things We Don't Discuss

The Week in Women

The Great Birth Rate Freak-Out

The Week in Women

You're not working from home

No Child is Irredeemable

In the Country of Men

The Week in Women

Thank a Healer

The Week in Women

Did Boomers Ruin America?

The Week in Women

Walking into the furthest reaches of our empathy

“If you want to be on tomorrow’s flight, then I have to sleep with you tonight”

The Week in Women

“Might we be looking in the wrong place when we pin our emancipatory hopes on [women's] clear expression of our desire?”

The tax code is racist

Covid doesn't respect borders

"Everybody has a gift. Everyone has something to offer."

The Week in Women

What we talk about when we talk about bigotry

The Week in Women

Princess Politics

The Week in Women

Do Democrats need to get tough on crime?

Republicans Need to Expect Excellence

The Week in Women

Who do we want in power?

If you're a journalist, politicians are not your friends

The Week in Women

Do we have to be nice to be kind?

Who's getting cancelled now?

The Week in Women

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

The Week in Women

One of the most controversial ideas in America is that children should have rights

Who We Believe

The Week in Women

Poland Bans Abortion -- mostly.

The Week in Women

In Defense of Lauren Wolfe

Biden the pro-choice feminist?

Melania has shown us exactly who she is

The Week in Women

Have the Courage of Your Mistakes

When Domestic Terrorists Go Mainstream

An Attack on America