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Writing Practice

Abortion Bans = More Women Dead from Suicide

Introducing: Writing Practice

So Pro-Life They'll Kill Ya

When the Cruelty is Just Dumb

The Anti-Abortion Movement Wants to Jail You For Abortion Pills

Who Should Decide How You Die?

Finer Things

The Anti-Abortion Movement's War on Free Speech and Democracy

Don't Show Up for Men Who Won't Show Up for You

Russia Bans Expressions of LGBTQ Identity. The American Right is Watching and Learning.

"Pro-Life" Groups Oppose Exceptions to Abortion Bans, Even to Save the Life of the Pregnant Woman

The Week in Women

Welcome to the Pro-Life Dystopia

The Stories the Anti-Abortion Movement Doesn't Want You to Know

The Loneliness Epidemic

No Mistakes Were Made.


The Activists Putting Safe Abortion in the Hands of Ukrainian Refugee Women

It's Fine to Criticize Qatar.

The Week in Women

How the Women’s Wave Crashed

They're coming for contraception. They're coming for IVF.

We're Now an 8 Billion Person World

Will Republicans Learn Anything?


Abbott's Mess in Texas

Finer Things

Russians are using rape as a weapon of war. What is the world doing for Ukrainian women?

Want Women to Have More Babies? Here's How.

Fewer Women are Having Legal Abortions

Vladimir Putin's Conservative Values

The Most Important Question in the Midterms

Kanye West's Blood Libel

The Week in Women Ep. 10

Women. Life. Freedom.

Abortion is an Economic Issue. Abortion is a Worker's Rights Issue

Finer Things

The First 100 Days

Republicans Do Not Believe Abortion is Murder

The Week in Women Ep. 9

It Was Always Going to Happen This Way

Pro-Life Baby Thieves

Every Feminist Must Stand with Iranian Women

The Week in Women Episode 8

The Conservative Lack of Imagination

The Rise of the Nones

What Drives Child Poverty? Pro-Life Politics.

Republicans Want to Ban Abortion Nationwide


Covid Creativity Wanted

We're back to work. It shouldn't be this painful.

The Problem With Men Who Date Much Younger Women

It's All Connected

The Week in Women Ep 7

Do It All

The Week in Women Ep. 6

Should Journalists Quote Anti-Abortion Activists?

I'm Hiring!

The Anti-Abortion Movement is Deciding: Hypocritical Misogyny or Abject Cruelty?

"If They Can Do This to Trump, They Can Do it to You"

The Week in Women Ep. 5

Run on Abortion

The Rise of the Pro-Life Grifters

Stop Supporting Bigoted Institutions

The Week in Women Episode 4

The Chaos is the Point

The Week in Women

It Really Is Just About Misogyny

The Week in Women Ep. 3

The Extremes Are Not Unusual

The Years of Magical Thinking

Brett Kavanaugh's Right to Privacy

What We Lose When We Lose Women at Work

The Week in Women Ep. 2

Immigrants Are a Gift to America

Introducing: The Week in Women Podcast

When the Terrorists Win

Watch What They Do Next

Companies: Protect Workers. Teams: Protect fans.

I love you, keep going.

Why It Matters

Conservatives Think Cops Are Incompetent Violent Children

Freedom From Religion Now

Bimbos and the Backlash

Having Kids is Bad for the Planet

Freedom for the Few

Republicans flood the country with guns, then complain about crime

Finer Things

A misogynist carnival comes to a fittingly disgusting end

Memorial Day

Theology of the Body

Welcome to the backlash

Why don't companies stand up for abortion rights?

Racist massacres, the baby formula blame game, and anti-abortion laws

The Problem With Abortion

The Lives of Others

Why do childfree women inspire so much ire?

Motherhood must be free.

Get to Work. Get Informed. Get Brave.

What Happens When Roe Ends

Bad First Drafts

Will avowedly childfree 20-somethings actually change their minds someday?

Clear away, see what grows

I Didn't Sign Up For This

Finer Things

Covid Authoritarians

It's a bad idea to pay women to stay home

Zelensky vs. the Strong Men

What if conservatives don't want things to be easier?

In Defense of Debate

Isn't She a Mother?

"Parental Rights" is Code for Child Abuse

The Texas abortion ban will kill women

Women and Children First

The Western Media's Empathy Problem

The Texas Stasi

Abortion is a Democratic Weathervane

On Mental Illness and Crime

The Case for Year-Round School

Ban The Jerks

Snitch Nation

Biden's "America First" Administration

Against Parental Consent

Give Moms Cash

What We Lose When We Lose Roe

Stop Being Surprised

Yes, People Who Do Bad Things Deserve Healthcare

Stock Up on Abortion Pills Now

Actually, Maybe it's Selfish to Have a Child

The Lost Girls of Covid

Is "Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle" Just Code for Going on a Diet?